Wink & Sleepy Eye Mod Installation

The following pictures should assist with installing the Wink & Sleepy Eye Mod

  • If installing the control box on top of the relay enclosure, slide the two large cable ties behind the relay enclosure as shown.

  • Pass the cable ties through the slots in the base of the control box and tighten.

  • Snip the loose ends of the cable ties to give a neat finish.

  • Route the cables towards the headlamp motors.

  • Use the supplied cable ties to fix the cables in place.

  • Disconnect the existing headlamp connector and plug each half into the shorter control cable.

  • Cable tie the two sets of connectors together to prevent movement.

  • Route the longer cable across the car to the other headlamp motor connector avoiding moving parts and any engine components which may get hot.

  • Taking care to avoid damaging the connectors as you route the cable.

  • Unplug the other headlamp motor connector and plug each half into the longer control cable. Fix all cables and connectors into place with cable ties.

  • The final result should with cables neatly routed out of sight.

  • If preferred, the control box can also be mounted on the other side of the engine compartment or anywhere dry where the cables can reach the headlamp motor connectors..