Wink & Sleepy Eye Mod FAQ

  • What do I get in the kit?

    The wink & sleepy eye kit contains the control box which has two cables which connect to your headlamp motors, some large and small cable ties to use when installing the mod and an instruction sheet.

  • What tools or other items will I need?

    You do not need to cut or splice any cables to fit the mod. You will need some snips or scissors to trim the cable ties and optionally a small flat bladed screwdriver to help unclip the headlamp motor connectors from the body. The connectors do not need to be detached from the body but it makes installation easier.

  • Do I need to cut and join wires?

    No, the wink and sleepy eye mod is plug-and-play and does not require any cutting or splicing of wires. It does not need separate power supply wires either.

  • Will this mod affect my headlamp operation or popup operation?

    No, the operation of your lights and popup operation will not be affected.

  • Does the mod work with the lights popped up as well as down?

    The wink functions will only work from the in-car controls when the lights are off although it is possible to activate the sleepy eye mode and then put your lights on. When using the mobile app, it is also possible to wink the lights when the lights are on. The mod will detect whether the lights are on (up) or off (down) and adjust the operation accordingly.