Supercharge your indicators with this multi-functional drop-in replacement control box.

The NEW Mega-Flash replaces and upgrades the standard indicator/hazard control box in your vehicle.

It's robust and reliable solid state circuitry provides the standard functionality, stops hyper-flash and adds new and entertaining features.

Watch the Mega-Flash overview on our YouTube channel

What does the Mega-Flash Offer?


  • Plug and play installation

    Simply unplug the existing control box and replace it with the Mega-Flash. It's as easy as that!
    Installation takes just a minute or two, requires no specialist tools, and is completely reverseable.
    Watch the installation video on YouTube.

  • Stops Hyper-flash

    The original control box contains circuitry to detect a blown bulb. If you replace your indicator bulbs with LED bulbs, this circuitry causes the lights to flash much faster than usual - known as Hyper-flash. The Mega-Flash is designed to work with both traditional filament bulbs and LED bulbs and will not hyper-flash with either.

  • Choose from many different ticking sounds

    The Mega-flash gives a choice of 12 different indicator ticks, beeps and tones to choose from plus theoption of “no ticking sound”.

  • 3-Flash lane change

    If you wish to change lanes or perform some other quick manoeuvre, the Mega-Flash allows you to tap the indicator stalk left or right to initiate three flashes of the indicators. This is similar to the option available on most modern vehicles

  • Auto "thankyou" signal

    If you wish to signal thanks to another driver, press the hazard switch on then off quickly. The Mega-Flash will then initiate a LEFT-RIGHT-LEFT-RIGHT sequenced flash automatically.

  • Signal left on warning

    Should you accidently leave your indicators on for more than 60 seconds, the Mega-Flash will warn you by changing the tick sound to a warning beep.

  • Entertainment light sequences

    Want to do something more with your indicators than simply indicate? The Mega-Flash features a selection of entertaining flashing and dimming sequences to show off your car.
    See the sequences in action on our YouTube channel.

  • Music & lights show

    The Mega-Flash can even play tunes and flash/dim the indicators in time. A great way to celebrate a birthday or other occasion or simply put a smile on your face. Tunes include Happy Birthday, We wish you a Merry Christmas, Stars & Stripes and more.
    See the sequences in action on our YouTube channel. (The music and light show is towards the end of the video)

  • LED bulbs can be set to simulate OEM filament bulbs

    If you have fitted LED bulbs to your vehicle, you'll notice that they turn on and off instantly giving quite a stark look. The Mega-Flash has an optional setting to make your LED bulbs look similar to the original filament bulbs by introducing a slight fade up and down. Keep your car looking original but retain all the other benefits of LED bulbs.

  • Reliable solid-state electronics

    With no moving parts, the modern solid-state electronics of the Mega-Flash will ensure many years of robust and reliable operation.

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