Diagnostic FAQ

  • Which models will the Diagnostic Tool work with?

    The tool will only work with MK1 and 1998-2000 MK2 cars which have the original ECU and the diagnostic port in the engine bay. It will not work with any after-market ECU or on post 2000 cars which are fitted with a standard ODB port. The tool will also work with any pre-OBDII Mazda cars with the same diagnostic port including MX3, MX6, RX7, 323, 626 & 929.

  • When will I get my Diagnostic Tool?

    We aim to dispatch within 3 working days but often orders go out within 24 hours. In the UK parcels are sent 1st Royal Mail. Overseas are orders are sent via Royal Mail tracked and signed service.

  • Does the Diagnostic Tool come with a storage case?

    The Diagnostic Tool is supplied in a cardboard box with it's pins protected in dense anti-static foam. The tool is very sturdy and should easily withstand day to day handling. However, care should be taken not to drop the tool or expose it to water or extremes of temperature and it should be stored in the box when not in use.

  • Won't the pins bend when I plug the Diagnostic Tool in?

    The pins used are very sturdy and are very hard to bend. They will easily stand up to regular use. However, when inserting the tool into the diagnostic port, care should be taken to align the pins with the connectors in the port and gentle but firm downward pressure applied. Although the pins are extremely hard to bend, if angled pressure is applied they could become slightly mis-aligned or loosen their soldered contact.

  • Can I reset the fault codes in the ECU using the Diagnostic Tool?

    Unfortunately this is not possible with the tool. The only way to clear codes from the ECU is to either remove the fuse marked "BTN" or disconnect the battery and then press the brake pedal for a few seconds. After performing these actions the Diagnostic Tool should report "No Errors" when "Scan Errors" is selected from the menu.

  • Can I leave the Diagnostic Tool permanently plugged into the diagnostic port?

    The tool is not designed to be permanently fixed into the car. When you have finished using the tool it should be carefully removed and stored in the box. You can use the tool with the just the igntion on or with with engine running. Some functions require the engine to be stopped - however, we do not recommend you leave the vehicle with it's ignition on and the engine stopped for extended periods.

  • Does the Diagnostic Tool have to be set up each time I use it?

    No, your selected settings are stored permanently in memory and will be recalled each time it is used. The Diagnostic Tool will also store any error codes which are found during a scan. These can be viewed at any time by powering up the device and choosing "Previous Errors" from the menu. Subsequent scans will overwrite any previously stored codes.

  • Why do I have to select my car model?

    The flash codes sent out by the ECU are different for different models. Some codes are longer and may take longer to read. If the Diagnostic Tool does not read your codes but you can see the red dot flashing in the top right of the scan screen, it may be that you have the wrong model selected.

  • Why is the Fuel Pump test limited to 2 seconds at a time?

    When the fuel pump runs it pressurises the fuel lines. Normally this is ok but if there are any leaks, weak joins or disconnections, this could result in dangerous fuel spills. This test is only meant for testing fuel pressure and should be carried out only by competent technicians.