Wink Mod

Ultimate wink mod for popup headlamps

Winking Car

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Get noticed with this easy-to-fit, multi-wink ultimate wink mod kit!

This popular Mk1 Wink Mod gives your car the ability to give a cheeky wink to passers by.

Wink either light, both or unleash the "Super Wink"!!

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  • Wink one light, both or "super-wink". Multiple wink patterns selectable from a single button!
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  • All parts required for installation are included in the kit including control button.
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  • The Wink Mod works whether your lights are popped up or down. Different patterns of wink depending on whether the lights are up or down. (Note: Not to be used at night whilst driving)
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  • The Wink Mode will not interfere with the standard operation of your lights and the install is easily removed if you change your car.
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  • Choose wink sequence, wink mode and which default light to wink using simple button press combinations. 8 different wink combinations.
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  • All cables supplied with the Wink Mod are fully automotive rated and resistant to heat and oil.