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Ultimate wink mod for popup headlamps including 'Sleepy Eye' mod : Now also for RX7 FD

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Get noticed with this easy-to-fit, multi-wink, ultimate wink mod & sleepy eye kit!

This simple to install kit will give you instant control over your popup headlights using either the standard popup button or the headlight stalk (if flash-to-pass available).

Choose between a single wink or perhaps a double left-right wink. For special occasions it has to be the “super-wink” - all fully configurable.

Alternatively, why not select the “sleepy-eye” mode for a different look.

Simple To Install

The Wink & Sleepy Eye mod can be installed in minutes and requires no cutting or splicing of cables.

Simply unplug the existing headlight motor connectors and insert the wink mod connectors.

Full instructions are included.

Remote Control & Configuration

The Wink & Sleepy Eye Mod can be operated remotely via Bluetooth using our free mobile app for Android & Apple devices. Using the app, the user can also select which wink operation is linked to which button press conbination as well as setting the height of the Sleepy Eye. Security settings in the app ensure that only you can control your lights. See the SUPPORT page for details of how to use the mobile app.
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  • 1
  • Wink one light, both or "super-wink". Multiple wink patterns selectable from dash button or headlight light stalk.
  • 2
  • Lift lights half way for a 'sleepy eye' look. Level of lift fully selectable.
  • 3
  • Install in minutes with no cutting or splicing of wires. Fully reversable.
  • 4
  • Choose which wink pattern is activated by which button/stalk combination.
  • 5
  • Make your lights wink or go into sleepy eye mode remotely using your phone or tablet (Android & iOS only)
  • 6
  • All cables supplied with the Wink Mod are fully automotive rated and resistant to heat and oil.