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A complete diagnostic tool for pre-OBDII Mazda cars with suitable diagnostic port
No more fiddling with bits of wire & LED's and counting flash codes - this tool will do it all for you! With the Diagnostic Tool you simply plug in, turn on, and read off the codes in plain text.

The Diagnostic Tool plugs into the diagnostic port in the engine bay and will:-

  • Read engine fault codes and display in plain language
  • Test switch inputs into ECU (Clutch, break, fan, etc.)(Not NB)
  • Measure revs in base idle and free running modes
  • Measure battery voltage
  • Test the cooling fans (Not NB)
  • Test the fuel pump
  • Test the Oxygen sensor (Not NB)

Where systems are fitted, the Diagnostic Tool will also detect faults with:-

  • Air Conditioning System
  • ABS System
  • Automatic Gearbox System

In addition, the Diagnostic Tool will also allow you to quickly test switch inputs into the ECU. If these switches have become faulty or disconnected it is not always apparent yet can affect the operation of the ECU and the running of your engine. Switch inputs include clutch, gearbox, accelerator, brake etc.

The Diagnostic Tool will also allow you to test the cooling fan and fuel pump to ensure full functionality without having to run the engine or heat the thermostat.

In addition the Diagnostic Tool also includes battery voltage measurement, two rev counters and Oxygen sensor function test.

Housed in a robust case, the Diagnostic Tool features a full colour screen, one button navigation and USB connection for update of the firmware for new features and functions.

It also features Bluetooth remote connectivity allowing all functions to be controlled and monitored using our Android and iOS mobile apps.

Compatible with the following models with suitable diagnostic connector and original ECU: MX5 Mk1(NA), MX5 Mk2(NB) Pre-2000 (Some functions not available on NB), RX7, MX3, MX6, 323, 626, 929

NOT compatible with cars which have a modern OBDII connector.


The gallery below shows a selection of the screens and functions of the tool.

For full details of each function please view the user instructions on the Support Page
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    MX5/Miata Owners:
    Works on all MK1/MK2/M2.5 (NA/NB) cars.

    RX7-FD Owners:
    Please note the diagnostic will only work on 1996 or later cars (16 bit ECU).

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What Does It Do?

  • 1
  • Reads, decodes and displays flash codes for Engine, Air Con, ABS and Auto Gearbox from Mazda cars with appropriate ECU and diagnostic connector. Note: Will NOT work with after-market ECUs
  • 2
  • Quickly test switch inputs to the ECU with audio and visual feedback. Also displays a handy list of switches which can be tested.
  • 3
  • Operate the cooling fan to ensure full function without having to run the engine or heat the thermostat.
  • 4
  • Operate the fuel pump to ensure full function without having to run the engine.
  • 5
  • Measure the voltage of your battery in real time to asses the operation of your alternator and charge state of your battery
  • 6
  • See the rev count of your engine in real time both in "Base Idle" and "Free Running" mode.
  • 8
  • The Diagnostic Tool is updatable via the built in USB connector. From time to time we may issue updates and new features which you can download and apply to your diagnostic tool. Details will appear on the Support Page when updates are available.
  • 9
  • The Diagnostic Tool is controllable via our mobile app for Android and iOS. All features and measurements can be made from the comfort of your car using your compatible phone or tablet device.